F.I.T. The Original


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FIT Park Meadows is the home of the original F.I.T. workout! It is designed as a high-intensity, circuit-style workout, focusing on lighter weights and more exercises. This hour-long workout is nonstop effort designed to give you a challenging, effective workout that will burn a ton of calories and get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in. Not only will you burn up to 900 calories in an hour—that’s right! Up to 900 calories in just one hour!—but you will have fun getting your butt kicked into shape with our unique brand of fitness! Work your entire body by running, weightlifting, core strengthening, plyometrics, and any other torture we think up!

What is F.I.T.?

Okay, we’re not going to lie: You need to show up to FIT prepared to work hard. These workouts are tough. But they are also efficient—way more effective than yet another uninspired hour on the big box gym treadmill. Our workouts utilize the theory of high-intensity interval training (also called HIIT) to continually challenge your muscles and keep your heart rate up. Not only do you burn a ton of calories during the workout, but you will continue to burn more calories for hours after you have finished the workout. HIIT is effective—and it works! Just ask our members; the results are clear and consistent.

Our workouts in Lone Tree, near Highlands Ranch and Centennial CO are 55 minutes of non-stop effort, giving you a full body workout every time. You can expect to burn close to 900 calories, making it the best workout anywhere for losing weight. You never know what you’re going to see in a F.I.T. workout at FIT Park Meadows CrossFit Lone Tree near Parker.

What Goes Into a F.I.T. Workout

If there is one thing you can expect with a F.I.T. workout, it’s the unexpected. Every time you walk into the gym, there will be a different workout posted on the board. Read it and weep—or rejoice…whatever the case may be that day—and commiserate with your fellow athletes. Then get ready to work!

The workouts vary, but the format is fairly similar every time. We start off with a warmup. This is 10 or 15 minutes of movements to get the juices flowing: running, rowing, bicycling—generally punctuated by a series of squats, pushups, pullups, and the like. Once your body is warm, the workout begins. In earnest!

Next on the board: the fitness test. Two minutes’ worth. You know you want to know how many air squats you can do in that amount of time. Or box jumps. Or slam balls. Or pushups. Or kettlebell swings. Or wall balls. Or burpees. Or—well, you get the picture. This friendly competition against yourself keeps you aware of the progress you are making through the weeks. It’s a great way to gauge your improvement.

Plan to spend a bit of time on core after that. Then, next up is the main portion of the workout, which could be anything from tabatas to partner workouts to drills to obstacle courses. The only thing not on our board? Boredom! Time will fly as you sweat and push yourself to work harder than you ever have in a workout. Tabatas, partner workouts, obstacle course—anything is fair game. You will never do the same workout two days in a row. It makes fitness in the Lone Tree area a whole lot of fun!